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Whether you are a one-time user, a business or an individual, or a new user – Five Star Driver  Networks is your exclusive connection to your every destination. 

Five Star Drivers are serious about transportation and consistently providing excellent service.  Come discover a service-driven transportation system designed specifically to meet your every  transportation need. Universally accessible transportation services such as mileage  subscriptions, hourly and daily drivers, commuter programs, and statewide transportation empower you to close the distance between you and the people and places you love, anytime and anywhere.  


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Five Star Driver Networks is a novel, clientele-based transportation system offering clients equal  access to qualified and fully screened drivers committed to safety, reliability, and customer well being. Clients utilize 1-3 drivers at any time for every transportation need. These clients maintain the same familiar and dedicated set of providers whom they can trust and rely on. Unfamiliar, random, unqualified drivers and incomplete transportation solutions are history. A novel fully determined transportation system ensures economies and communities of any size,  anywhere have access to transportation that is safe, familiar, and dependable.

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Beeran Jethwa
Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
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I needed a taxi at 4am to go to the airport. Uber was unavailable and Lyft was exorbitant. I found James's information and he came through. Perfectly on time. Will definitely use and again and recommend.
Annie Bartok
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I work for another transportation company in another state, so my mind is always comparing. James went above and beyond. Everything from the vehicle to the driver himself was professional and immaculate. He didn't mind my questions and when I discovered I had left something behind, had no problem making the trip a second time. I will be using this service every time I am in the area.
Jaime Cuellar
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Not only did I appreciate the prompt arrival to pick me up and great service but the ride was pleasant and comfortable setting that made me feel at ease. Definitely recommend this company especially if you have James as your driver.

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A safe & sanitary transportation environment is essential. As a client-based system there is  almost no random flux of passengers from unknown places and of unknown health status unlike  other modes of transportation.

Drivers who are ill or exhibit any symptoms refrain from driving clientele. The company advises  all drivers take the appropriate health and safety measures to protect themselves and those  around them. The same goes for clients who are ill or exhibit symptoms. Drivers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is ill or exhibits any symptoms of illness of any kind. Clients  should report any driver who seems ill or seems to exhibit symptoms of illness to the company.  Masks are optional. The same is true for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Visit our site frequently for  COVID-19 updates. 

CDC Guidelines